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We've been striving for months to get where we're at RIGHT NOW. Every evening, every weekend putting in the work. Four dudes, just trying to pave their own way, trying to create something bigger than themselves. We roll up to be the best in show, and the easiest to work with. There isn't anything we love more than playing shows, this is what we do.


featuring Camden Sondergeld

Hard rock, heavy metal, and punk rock drive our sound. Its heavy and its melodic and its catchy. Always something different, you can't quite put a pin on us. Our songs are expressive and impactful, tastefully heavy.  

We just finished up our time at Spider Studios demoing these 3 singles. Working with Ben Schigel brought the full potential to these songs and we're so happy with how they turned out. We look forward to recording more singles in the upcoming year.

These recordings are cultivated, we spend our nights jamming and refining. We record everything with our mobile multitrack interface. Our live rig delivers the same sonic experience everywhere we perform. Any time, any day, we're ready to pack up and play the show.

Over the years we've shared the stage with some notable touring bands, Heartsick, Green Jelly, Hinder, Saving Abel, TRAPT, Hawthorne Heights, Psychostik, The Nearly Deads, Nonpoint, A Killer's Confession, but we've mainly shared stages with a ton of awesome bands just like us, chasing our dreams, staying hungry.


Every show is authentic for us, we try to make the most out of every performance, and we always have a good time. Our goal is to be the easiest band to work with, our gear is road ready, and we show up ready to play. 

Seriously, a band that rocks, a group that entertains and that keeps it authentic. We reach out and engage with our fans and patrons, we promote our productions. Book Renegade Angel..

Booking information

You can reach us any of the following ways, most easily by phone or email, you can stay up to date with us on our official social media pages. And you can catch us at a show, where we are always available to talk.

Phone: (419) 707-3773


Facebook: @TheRAOfficial

Upcoming Shows::


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